Cubism Concepts

1. Monsters

I love the crazy monsters from old movies and TV like Nightbreed and Buffy. With how weird their faces look, I think it would be fun to make a cubist portrait out of one of them.



2. Katya Zamolodchikova

Basically drag queens are great

I’d like to do either a portrait or foll body cubist piece of one of my favorite drag queens. With how crazy her looks are, I think it would be a lot of fun to turn one of them into a cubist picture.



3. Self portrait

shattered mirror.jpg

So there’s this new show out on FX called Legion.

Video editing is my ideal career and the way this show has been shot and made is really influential to me.
It has beautiful cinematography and gets trippy at times.

The above GIF is from a scene where the main character, David,  is dreaming after escaping  from the mental institution where he was staying. He’s a really powerful psychic but can’t control it, causing him to see and hear weird things or accidentally destroy things around him. The show keeps you on the same page as David and makes you feel equally as confused as him as you see his odd visions and breakdowns.
(You can watch the whole scene here:

I think that this show is relevant to Hyper Realism because it pretty much embodies the entire concept of depicting real life in an unusual manner. It’s very dark, for instance a character is brutally killed and  then we have this happy dance number following shortly after. It only makes the show all the more settling and makes it feel as if Wes Andersen made a scifi psychological thriller.

I love everything about how they make this show and just wanted to appreciate it.


The show’s ad campaign also revolves heavily around hyper-realistic themes


Check this out

I’ve been a huge fan of Mike Inel’s work for years and he animated this beautiful music video for a vocaloid song a while ago. Since it’s digital animation I thought it was fitting, and I also just really wanted to share this because on top of his gorgeous animation the lyrics hit hard. I love animations like this that are done by people on youtube because it reminds me how much talent is out there that I haven’t found yet. He also did a beautiful video called Draw With Me that I highly recommend!

Hyper-realism Concepts


For this one I’d replace people’s heads with different types of cameras, depending on their age.

For example, seniors would have old-fashion cameras while the kids would probably have iphones, since that’s what they use to take pictures now.

The Wall

I really liked the concept of Trump being Humpty Dumpty due to his promise of the wall and how his ego is as fragile as an egg.



A society of skeletons simply going about their daily business. Possibly showing an office where they’re all just hanging out, doing their work, normal skeleton things. It would have to be made very clear that these skeletons are actually alive and moving around and not the skeletons of long dead people. I think that it would be a fun challenge to try to make skeletons look “lively.”

Chilling Skeleton012261685_prevstill10-bone-chilling-ways-to-enjoy-halloween-pool-party_15 office3

Take Yr Meds

Big pills eating tiny people. Maybe holding a common pill bottle filled with more people.  Would use pictures of people falling to show them falling out of the bottle into it’s mouth. Sweet, sweet revenge.


Moon Moon Horses

I wasn’t entirely sure if this counted as “hyper-realism” but it seemed like a kind of safe bet, and the idea behind it was very appealing to me.

“Moon moon” has become a term for “derpy” looking huskies or wolf dogs online. While I was looking through a collection of Moon Moon photos, I suddenly though “What if I replaced horses with these weirdos?”
The general idea is that I’d take pictures of people riding into battle on horseback, and replace the horses with Moon Moons.


Check this out:

I mentioned in my “about” page that I also want to be a video editor, so I looove videos like this. I found it really really interesting and thought others might too, since the whole issue of color grading can also be applied to photoshop.